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Changzhou Jinfang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of engineering machinery structure has 30 years of history. Continuous technological input, update equipment, introduction of talents over the years, training and long-term accumulation of experience, is the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, and leapt higher starting a new one.

Currently has initially established a business has more than 200 workforce with higher quality. College or an intermediate grade scientific and technical personnel accounting for 20 percent of the total number of workers; secondary school, technical school students and skilled workers accounted for 80% of the total mechanic. Production equipment constantly updated. In recent years, the elimination of a number of backward and obsolete equipment, replaced, such as: CNC horizontal machining center HB-130, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC laser cutting machine and a series of advanced equipment and machine tools. This year the company continued to increase the technological input, improved processing technology, improved technology and equipment. 2011 HED-5100 the company built a pipeline cathodic electrophoretic paint and supported by Jiangsu Province Department of Finance and healthy development of small and micro enterprise projects in 2012. Currently, the company has 35,000 square meters of modern production plant, built in the cab assembly line, automated electrophoresis paint a number of automated production lines, semi-automated production lines. The company fully carry out "5S" production site management, improve the quality of workers.

High-quality workforce, advanced machine tools and process equipment, good production environment and production order, standardized modern management concept for the efficient production of high-quality products provide a reliable guarantee. Greatly increased the production capacity of enterprises, the rapid expansion of production scale.
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